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Side x Side actively supports classroom teachers by creating a teaching community of artists, educators, and professionals. We promote relationships that link the education and artistic communities together. Through collaboration with artists and professionals, we create opportunities for distinguished learning environments and imaginative programming.

Side x Side also supports the diverse and amazing community of teaching artists in southern Maine. We have brought writers, sculptors, and actors into the classroom, as well as scientists, architects, marine biologists, and mathematicians. All have expanded the horizons of the children they have helped teach.

Teaching Artists

Side x Side draws from a rich Maine artistic community to bring visual and performing artists into the classroom. These artists provide tools, resources and creative approaches to engage students in their learning.

Visiting Experts

We involve professionals from various fields in program design and delivery. For students, this highlights the connections between core curriculum content and the world around them, while encouraging a dialog about potential careers.

Student Interns

Side x Side works with interns as we create arts-based projects within schools. This system of support is intended to create a community of sustained teaching and learning between teachers at various stages in their careers.

Parent Volunteers

Side x Side benefits from an engaged and interested parent community. Please visit our Information for Parents page to learn more about how you can become involved.

In addition, Side x Side collaborates with key state and national organizations. We continue to forge new partnerships and expand our working relationships.