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We are looking forward to our 5th annual Side x Side Summer Arts Institute June 24-25th and are continually grateful for our partnerships with the Portland Museum of Art and the University of Southern Maine who once again are hosting this fabulous professional development opportunity for educators. This year’s institute will feature a brand new roster of offerings to support teachers in integrating the arts into their classrooms. Sessions include new interactive workshops, facilitated discussions, and studio-based art making as well as time for networking with educators, artists, and colleagues.

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Summer Arts Institute 2019 Workshops

1. Using Animation as an Innovative Tool for Teaching and Learning

In this workshop blending STEM and Art, participants will learn two modalities of animation-making starting with using the software, Animation-ish (created by New York Times best selling author Peter H. Reynolds of “The Dot” and “Ish”), and then creating a stop-motion animation sequence using cut paper and point-and-shoot digital cameras. The program design of Animation-ish exemplifies the use of creativity and problem solving to give students different ways to demonstrate what they know and can do. During the workshop, you will learn how to use animation as a tool that can be integrated into every lesson (yes, EVERY lesson)!

Led by Casey Ledoux, Side x Side teaching artist; Susannah Gordon-Messer PhD, Deputy Director Ci2 lab at University of Southern Maine; Elizabeth Darragh, Ci2 lab intern; Dr. So Young Han, Director of Maker Innovation and Step-Up to STEM Program at the University of Southern Maine; as well as FableVision Learning staff: Jane Reynolds, President and Dr. Denine Jimmerson, Director of Curriculum and Learning (FableVision Learning was founded by Peter H. Reynolds to develop programs to engage both learner and teacher in creativity).

2. The Art of Comprehension and Illustration

Learn how to foster meaningful and reflective conversations about art with a simple technique which can be replicated in the classroom. Led by Trevor Andrew Bryan, author of “The Art of Comprehension” and keynote speaker, this workshop will explore the understanding of and thinking about written and visual texts as well as foster comprehension, conversation and writing confidence while teaching simple drawing techniques to help illustrate a story, idea, or topic. You will discover inventive ways to prompt students in your classroom to notice, think about, and synthesize visuals using the same observation and comprehension skills students can bring to their reading and writing.

Trevor Andrew Bryan is an art educator from new New Jersey with 20 years experience. He is passionate about exploring all forms of art, including reading and writing. Whether working in fine arts, performing, or English language arts, his focus is on helping all students comprehend their own lives and develop their unique voices so that they can thrive doing work that truly matters to them. #artofcomp

3. Mixed Media & Poetry

Work with Portland’s Poet Laureate, Linda Aldrich, to open your mind to different ways of writing, understanding, and engaging with poetry. Illuminate your poems through mixed media including gelatin printmaking, collage, watercolor, cut paper, and other non-traditional materials.

Led by Side x Side teaching artists Anne Ackerman and Pamela Moulton, and Portland’s Poet Laureate, Linda Aldrich.

4. Portraiture Using Multiple Modalities

Explore portraiture using physical theater, drawing, and photography with artist/designer Laurie Downey and performance artist/writer Gretchen Berg. Create dynamic portraits based on experiences, environments and significant objects (it’s not about drawing faces!).

Led by Side x Side teaching artists Laurie Downey and Gretchen Berg.

5. Non-Traditional Book Forms

Explore the intersection of art and math through multiple book forms including a large format book. Make traditional bookmaking paper, create multiple folded books, and gain skills in designing, painting, and printmaking.

Led by Side x Side teaching artists Jill Osgood, Leah Cross, and Sarah Boyden.

6. Shadow Theater

Learn about the many possibilities of storytelling through shadow puppetry using an overhead projector and handmade props. Learn how to get the whole class involved in the production and performance.

Led by Side x Side teaching artists Nance Parker and Cat LaBarre.

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If you are not a Portland or South Portland public elementary school teacher, the cost of the Institute is $200.00.
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Is Side x Side’s Summer Arts Institute 2019 (June 24 & 25) free for any Portland teacher?
Yes! If you are not a Portland teacher but would like to attend, the cost is $200.

Are the same workshops being offered as last year?
No! We have a brand new menu of offerings this year (see above)

Is it okay to come for just one day or do I need to attend both days?
Participants are asked to attend both days in order to fully experience the process of arts integration and for Master Teachers to take advantage of planning time with a teaching artist.

If I come to the Summer Arts Institute (SAI), do I automatically get a Side x Side program in my classroom during the 2019/2020 school year?
No. Twenty K-5 programs in participating Side x Side schools in Portland will be supported through a Master Teacher program during the 2019/2020 school year. If you are interested in becoming a Master Teacher, you can get info and apply here. However, anyone can attend the SAI without becoming a Master Teacher.

Is the upcoming Master Teacher program the same as last year?
Not exactly. Many of the elements are similar (attend the SAI, host a teaching artist in your classroom, plan and lead your own integrated arts project). NEW THIS YEAR: Master Teachers will receive a $600 stipend and also commit to mentor a Lewiston teacher who is new to Side x Side and arts integration.

If I was a Master Teacher this year can I apply to be one again in 2019/2020?

What if I want Side x Side in my classroom but don’t want to become a Master Teacher?
There are two ways to bring Side x Side into your classroom:

1. Become a Master Teacher or
2. Inquire about our for-hire programs which must be funded by your school or outside sources.

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