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Information For Teachers


Information for Teachers

Side x Side supports classroom teachers and promotes relationships with teaching artists and experts that foster sustainable practices, thus linking the education, professional and artistic communities together. We provide opportunities for distinguished learning environments and imaginative programming that allow students to engage, discover and demonstrate learning through multiple platforms. While our collaborations result in variations across classrooms, the framework is essentially the same, providing equity across all schools.

Side x Side redefines how students access, engage with, and demonstrate their knowledge across the curriculum.  Students delve more deeply and absorb more about each subject as they work with the team on projects that integrate with their curriculum.

“Side x Side programs integrate organizations and disciplines in an effort to promote deeper engagement and understanding for students. When teaching our 2nd grade students about oceans and marine life, we collaborated with marine biologists, writers, artists, and even a chef so that the children could experience ocean creatures from a variety of perspectives. The Side x Side program made this a feasible and stimulating undertaking.”

—Kristen Fox, 2nd grade teacher, Reiche Elementary School