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Information for Schools

We believe creativity awakens tomorrow’s innovators.  At a time when our public schools and communities are grappling with the ever changing and growing needs in education, Side x Side finds new pathways that drive student learning.

Side x Side ignites academic excellence in education through comprehensive arts integration, bringing critical thinking, creativity, and innovation into the classroom through arts-based programs.

Side x Side impacts schools and surrounding communities through four primary objectives:

• Strengthen student achievement through engaging hands-on projects
• Facilitate teacher development and intern practicum
• Build and stimulate cooperative and lasting partnerships among the arts, education, and professional communities
• Present broad career paths to students through visiting experts

Side x Side believes that academic work generated through creative approaches will result in students having a richer understanding of the subject matter and how it connects to their lives in and out of school.

Our goal is to support the enhancement, development and evaluation of innovative, cohesive models that demonstrate effectiveness in:

• Integrating and strengthening arts in the core elementary curriculum
• Improving students’ academic performance

Side x Side will achieve this goal by:

• Designing, developing, and testing comprehensive K-5 art integration programs that work within the school’s existing curricula and standards.
• Creating a system of professional development for teachers and artists that aids the rapid learning and ease of implementation of the programs.
• Obtaining evidence using mixed methods of evaluation.

Side x Side is currently working with several schools in Portland, Maine:

2013-14 Participating Schools
Reiche Community School
Casco Bay High School

2014-15 Participating Schools
Reiche Community School
Casco Bay High School

2015-16 Participating Schools
Reiche Community School
Ocean Avenue Elementary
East End Community School
Riverton Elementary School